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Mundialito Center

Mundialito Center is the meeting point of all delegations and visitors where you can find:

  • Permanent information point.
  • Accreditation area for all teams.
  • Space of our sponsors
  • Play Area.
  • Stand for booking and buying the videos of the matches.
  • “Olho Digital” stand (photos and stickers)
  • The official Mundialito store by “KELME”
  • Restaurants and bars.
  • Fun Zone
  • The Stand of the “E.I.F. Ricardo Godoy” from Mali.

You can also visit the Mundialito Museum which has more than 6,000 objects. You will see the shirts of great players in world football, gifts from the participating clubs throughout the 26 editions, commemorative plaques and the guestbook to be signed by all the participating delegations.

Everyone can visit for free the Mundialito Center.