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Each participant will receive an individual and personalized accreditation of non-transferable use. All teams, without exception, must upload an individual photo of each player and staff member in the respective profile created on our website. You should respect the size of the photo as is specified on our website. The steps to follow are the following:

1. - Enter in the team profile with the user and password.
2. - Go to “Team inscription”, “Players”, “Staff Members”.
3. – Include all data and the corresponding photo. It should be in card format and respecting the specified size.

IMPORTANT: Once the player or staff members’ data are included, please, do not forget to click on “Save data” and wait until the message of confirmation appears.
It is required to fill in all the data and include the photo to be accredited.

It is a rule of Mundialito that all participants (players and staff members) of all teams carry out the accreditation process before starting the tournament.