MUNDIALITO 2021 – 27th Edition / From March 27th to April 4th

Increasing your chances


Novelty! We’re including Women’s Football and ‘Baby Experience’ in our 27th Edition. Mundialito 2021 will be an international football meeting full of diversity.

Male 7



Male 11



Female 7



Female 11






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Below you can find all relevant information about inscriptions and registration. If you need more details, you may contact us through the following contact form.


Football 7 Categories
Players: 12 members. Staff: 2-3 members (adults).

Football 11 Categories
Players: 18 members. Staff: 2-3 members (adults).

“Baby Experience”
Players: 12 members. Staff: 1 member (adult).


In order to register via our website, the team manager of the club should click on “Register” and complete all requested fields.

Please, keep your username and password for being able to complete your team information on your profile once we have received the remittance of your payments.

Within 72 hours after your registration, we will let you know if your participation has been accepted.

Mundialito Package

All teams willing to participate MUST book one of our Mundialito Packages including:

• Full board accommodation in 3-star or 4-star hotel (breakfast, lunch and dinner including mineral water).

• Internal transportation (Mundialito Line) during the tournament. Mundialito Line connects the fields (inc. Mundialito Center) with our hotels and it will also operate for the Opening and Closing ceremonies.

It also can include:

• Opening and Closing Tickets.

• *** Optional excursions: FC Barcelona Stadium and Museum Tour, Barcelona City Tour, Soccer matches of the first Spanish league, Visit to PortAventura World.

• This package is also for accompanying family members.


• The standard registration fee is 69€ per player and staff member.

• The registration fee for “Baby Experience” is 29€ per player and staff (one free staff is included).

Medical coverage, MundialitoTV, Individual Trophy.

• For accidents inside the football fields during the tournament.

• It doesn’t include medications, surgical interventions or long-term treatments.
• Teams can manage their own insurance if they want other coverage.

* For more information, please, contact

Important note, read carefully

Inscription fees: non refundable in any case.
Services (Accommodation/Meals/Transportation): initial 20% (booking) is non refundable in any case.
The remaining 80% respond to the cancellation policy established by the services and procedures contracted for the organisation of Mundialito 2021.
Cancellations occurred within 45 days prior to the beginning of the tournament (March 27th) are non-refundable.
For more information, please contact

More Information...

In this category the tournament will be opened for clubs, football schools/academies and foundations. Will be absolutely recreational-educational, points, goals nor best players will not be counted, every participant (players & staff) will be awarded with an individual prize.
It will take place in the Futsal hall. Gol size 3x2m. Ball Nº3 and field measurement of 30x20m.


• Friday, March 26th: From 10am to 9pm.

• Saturday, March 27th: From 9am to 7pm.

All participating teams must complete the accreditation process before the tournament starts.

All participating teams must complete the information requested on our website to receive their accreditations.

The organization will deliver a personalized accreditation (non-transferable use) to each participant.

All teams must upload their official team photo and individual photos (players and staff) to their profiles. The indicated size must be respected.

Quick Guide:

1. Enter to your profile using your username and password.

2. Go to “Team Inscription” , “Players” and “Staff”.

3. Complete the information and upload the photos.

IMPORTANT: Once you’re ready to finish, don’t forget to click on “save info”. Wait until the confirmation message appears.

Opening Ceremony:

Sunday, March 28th in "Reus Stadium", from 20:00H. Amazing opening ceremony with music, shows and participant parade. It will be streamed and live on TV.
Tickets on sale from March 1st through our official website:


Closing Ceremony and Finals

On April 2nd (Friday), in "Reus Stadium": finals from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm followed by the closing and awards ceremony ("Football 11 - Men & Women" & "Football 7 -Women").
Saturday, April 3rd at 12pm: Closing Ceremony of "Mundialito Baby Experience".
Saturday, April 3rd in Cambrils Stadium: Finals of "Football 7 - Men" (from 2pm to 7pm) and awards ceremony.
Tickets on sale from March 1st, 2021 through our official website:

*Those acquiring any of our Mundialito Packages will have free access to the matches during the week.

The access to the matches is 10€ / the whole week.

Match tickets on sale from March 1st, 2021 through our official website: (Tickets will be replaced for a bracelet at your arrival to Mundialito Center.


The transport service will connect the hotels with the pitches and Mundialito Center. Transfer between hotel and Opening Ceremony, closing and finals of the tournament are also included.
This service is available for participants with accommodation with Mundialito and the people who have booked the Mundialito Package.
If you have not acquired the Mundialito Package, the cost of the Mundialito Line Pass is 120€ per person (Sales will be open from March 26th to 27th at Mundialito Center).

*If you want to book your Mundialito Line Pass in advance, please contact (Cost is 100€ per person).

Mundialito Center is the meeting point for all delegations and visitors.

There you will find:

• Information point.

• Accreditation area for all participating teams.

• Sponsors Area.

• Recreational area.

• Stand of Mundialito TV, Mundialito Line and excursions. You can book and buy the packages.

• “Olho Digital” Stand – photos.

• Official store of our products, merchandising, official ball and sport shop.

• Fan Zone.

• Restaurant, coffees and eating area.


Friday and
Saturday26th and 27th, March

Accreditation process for all participating teams at Mundialito Center (Fan Zone)

Friday: From 10am to 9pm.

Saturday: From 9am to 5pm.

In the evening, BIG OPENINC CEREMONY including a big show, music and the Inaugural Parade of all participating teams.

More information coming soon! Stay tuned!

Tickets on sale from March 1st, 2021 through our official website.

7 vs 7Men’s Football
Women’s Football

Sunday 28th, Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st of March:

First-phase matches in all participating categories.
9am to 1pm – 3pm to 8pm.

Thursday, April 1st:

Second-phase matches / Qualifying plus ‘Round of 16’.

Friday, April 2nd:

Quarter Finals and SemiFinals.

Saturday, April 3rd:

9am to 1pm - 2:30pm to 6:30pm.
Big Closing Ceremony.

Sunday, April 4th:

Departure of delegations.

11 vs 11Men’s Football
Women’s Football

Sunday 28th, Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th of March:

First-phase matches in all participating categories.
9am to 1pm – 3pm to 8pm.

Wednesday, March 31st:

Second-phase matches / Qualifying plus ‘Round of 16’.

Thursday, April 1st:

Quarter Finals and Semi Finals.

Friday, April 2nd:

9am to 1pm - 2:20pm to 7pm.
Awards ceremony.

Saturday, April 3rd:

Departure of delegations.



• Friday, March 26th: from 10am to 9pm.

• Saturday, March 27th: from 9am to 5pm.

In the evening, big Opening Ceremony and Inaugural Parade of all participating teams.

Match Schedule:

• Sunday, March 28th: 10am to 1pm // 3pm to 8pm.

• Monday, March 29th: 3pm to 8pm.

• Tuesday, March 30th: 3pm to 8pm.

• Wednesday, March 31st: 3pm to 8pm.

• Thursday April 1st: 10am to 1pm // 3pm to 8pm.

• Friday, April 2nd: 10am to 1pm // 3pm to 8pm.
Big Closing Ceremony.